Holsinger's Charlottesville: Introduction

A face once launched a thousand ships. A picture speaks a thousand words. The communicating power of an image is inexhaustable. The best that words can do is to describe what is not visible in a picture, or to relate the picture to an historical pattern or to some other interesting association.

This is a book of pictures and one can see in them what one wants to see. They were taken by Rufus W. Holsinger, the leading photographer of the Charlottesville area in the first quarter of the present century, and more especially in the five or ten years on either side of A.D. 1910.

The pictures in this book were selected from the Holsinger collection to illustrate isolated instances in the life of the community in the foregoing period. The author of this introduction, having lived in Albemarle County from 1896 to the present time, will attempt to set forth a frame within which the various scenes may be visualized and representing bits in the history and development of Charlottesville.

Bernard P. Chamberlain, July 1976

So begins Holsinger's Charlottesville, an extraordinary collection of photographs of Charlottesville, Virginia and its surroundings. Compiled by Cecile Wendover Clover and F.T. Heblich, Jr., the book contains some rare photographs of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and the University of Virginia, arranged beautifully alongside informative text.

Out of print for 16 years, Holsinger's Charlottesville is the area's most sought-after archival photography book. Now re-released, you can have your own copy of this treasured volume. This handsome, high-quality 10"x10" volume is hardbound and stitched with duotone photographs throughout. This edition contains several new photographs from the collection.

US $34.95.

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